Adding a tooltip has never been so easy.

You must simply write in the target Method Object this two lines of code:


tip (MyObjectVariable)

That's all !

Because Another Tip includes a dynamic auto-positioning and auto-sizing system, you are sure to get the best display of your tooltip. This dynamic system detection is based on the current display size of the form.

Another Tip is fully compatible with the 4D subform object.

If the default style doesn't fit your needs you can use some predefined style sheets or define your own styles with a specific font, font size, color, opacity, position, orientation, etc.

The Tooltip Lab provided with the TipTestDatabase.4dbase will assist you to define your own styles with an easy and wisywig interface

Another Tip tooltips are drawn on SVG which creates beautifully rendered tooltips on Mac and Windows.

Visual effects are provided to enrich the user experience with animations

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