Release 2 - build 195 - Mac/Windows - 32/64 bit - 4D v15.1 or 4D v15 R3+


Installation process :

  1. Create a "Components" folder next to the structure file of your database (".4db”)1 if it doesn’t exist,

  2. Place the “ AnotherTip.4dbase" folder or an alias of this one in the "Components” folder,2

  3. Install le 4D plugins "4D Pack.bundle” inside the “Plugins” folder next to the structure file of your database (".4db”) if it doesn’t exist,

  4. Launch 4D and select your database,

  5. Open the Object Library “AnotherTip.4dlibrary/AnotherTip.4IL“,3

  6. Drag and Drop the Object “svg_pict” on the various Forms where you want to use the tooltip,

  7. On these Forms, you have to add in the Method form/on load event the init call “tip_init(yourObjVariable)”.

Quick Startup​

  1. Open the target Method Object Form and write this 2 lines of code :


OB SET(MyObjectVariable;"tip-display";True)

tip (MyObjectVariable)

  1. Select the target Object Form in the Form Editor and set the event(s) in the Property List that you want to be fired to display the tip. (E.g. On Mouse Enter, On Getting Focus, etc.)

  2. Open the Object Library “AnotherTip.4dlibrary/AnotherTip.4IL“,3

  3. Drag and Drop the Object “svg_pict” on the Form,

  4. That’s all !

Minimum requirement


Quick Start Demo

Test Database Demo

  1. 1 - On Macintosh, 4D v15 databases are built in a package. You need to install the "Components" directory at the same level as your 4D structure file.4DB or .4DC

  2. 2 - On Macintosh the component is a package whose extension "4dbase" is not necessarily visible according to the adjustments of your preferences of display.

  3. 3 - This Library contains one object picture. You can modify the Object Method associated to the object picture which will be used for the closeBox of the tip.

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